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Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post
One of my favourite games.

I was initially seduced by its oddness, if I can describe it that way - for many years, I ignored following the game's plot and the objectives it threw at me, and simply floated about, exploring the surreal environment with an open mouth and awe-inspired glee.

I'd go gaga at all the psychedelic colours, launch a mini-squadron of homing missiles at one large, rocket shaped entity, and have lots of fun tractor-beaming a pair of little ships that would go shooting past me at incredible speeds.

And then, after many years of doing this, I realised the game had a plot. And goals. And I started to go about accomplishing them. This made me become even more immersed in this unique and eccentric game world.

Unfortunately, I never made it past level four. But I didn't really care, because I was having so much fun in the process.

An exact description of my experience with the game. I loved the computer graphics, playing around and flying through the rooms at high speed. I love the style.

Then I found a walkthrough in Amiga Joker (don't remember which month), and I suddenly found out about the meaning of the game. I'm still looking for that walkthrough - Can't find one on the internetz
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