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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
The Wierd Science Clip I converted to VCD standard I think thats 1150KBit.
Yes it doesnt make much sense once its run through VirtualDub it should work but what format the source is does seem make a difference.

I made a couple of tests on another pc and it does not change in any way.
However MPEG1 setting changes seems to give better results since ugly MPEG artefacs are almost invisible now (thanks Boo Boo ). So I keep it as it works well with this format.

Anyway, I've a question about avi4hv conversions. Since my very first attempt at video conversion, all video files I converted with avi4hv are systematically dithered. It's not a VirtualDub effect because the output video isn't dithered, so I think avi4hv must be adding some sort of dithering. That's a bit annoying because as a result the videos are quite noisy. I didn't see such effects with DamageX example videos (Shiki.hv, Zoppen.hv, Koi.hv), Boo Boo's Weird Science looks quite clean as well.

So, maybe there are some DOS arguments to add to avi4hv before running the conversion ?
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