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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Pragramming games is easier than ever on a technical level. There are dozens of free, high quality engines. So many, that it is actually hard to pick one. Makes you think why there is no serious grass roots movement. There are great fan made sequels, and Japanese style rpgs, of course, but surprisingly few have self reliant, originally creative content. Yo Frankie!
Thank you for the info and the link gilgamesh I will be definitely checking that one out because i really want to get good at something like this. I think somewhere hidden away inside of me in this yearning to make something grand

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Great interview!!

If I ever become famous, like hell I will... Matt, you can have first interview

There's something about Matt as a host, so natural and charasmatic. Addictive personality and interesting to watch with good use of English /fanboi.
Agreed! Matt is where its at, and i would have to say he is the best game related interviewer currently on YouTube and his vastly expansive experience on multiple systems over the years makes him ideal
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