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It all depends on what you want to do I guess !

I don't use a Amiga at the moment but I'd rather do too.

I'd like to use my PC as a server/FTP machine and have my Amiga connected thru that to the net.

But I imagine you cannot browse all sites with Amiga browsers.

You can still use Amiga's for many things - writing letters, painting & stuff. The Amiga is still a great games machine, although the kids of today might think it old fashioned.

People in 3rd-world countries use even older computers than the Amiga.

It's not the tool you are using - it is what you do with it. Most people who use PC's don't use 1/10th of the power (except when playing bloatware games). Most people could manage perfectly well on an Amiga if Micro$oft wasn't telling them otherwise.
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