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V0.5 L30(13/3/2010)
- Vertical frequency is now selectable in full screen mode
- Fixed VM monitor menu item in full screen mode
- Key input is now ignored when UNZ is minimized
- Improved again mouse handling
- Right shift key is now working under Windows Vista or later
- Fixed CD-DA pause and resume
- Fixed CD controller status value
- Fixed CD-DA repeat
- Fixed implementation of 'Capture CD' in menu
- Fixed a bug that caused gfx glitches in FMR compatible screen mode
- Fixed screen rendering with hardware stretching
- Added auto fire feature for TOWNS-pad buttons
- Added i486 instructions to recompiler
- Changed initial value of PCM channel volume
- Changed CPU clock upper limit up to 200MHz
and various small fixes
Shadow of the Beast still has graphics glitches.
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