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Amiga STILL an alternative to PC?

A lot of you die hards on here seem to still be using ACTUAL Amigas for your everyday computing needs (from what I can gather). Is a tarted up Amiga really a realistic alternative to a modern PC? Dont take this as me having a dig at Amiga or defending PC's because Im not. Im just suprised that even now, years after the (commercial) demise of the Amiga, a lot of you still seem to be happily using them without any probs.

What about the fact that everything is designed with PC's in mind these days?
How do you get around this problem?
You can surf the internet with an Amiga yes?
Is this easily done?
Can a top spec Amiga rival a PC?

I ask these questions because Amiga was always my fave computer and I would maybe like to go back to it as my main machine. I have no love for my PC like I did my A500 and it gives me loads of hassle. It performs its task, but is a pain too.
Id love to be a 'rebel' against PC's aswell but Im just not knowlegable enough.... (yet)
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