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Originally Posted by Jack Burton View Post
Until now I had to convert almost all video files (free trailers downloaded on internet trailers sites) to MPEG 1. When converted to MPEG avi4hv is happy and works fine !
That is really strange, because you are dealing here with uncompressed video saved from VirtualDub. Of course the quality of the original encode impacts on the quality of the uncompressed video. H264 originals would be better then Xvid and Xvid would be better than Mpeg1 and so on.

The source outputed from VirtualDub as long is 16-bit uncompressed and it is within the parameters required, for avi4hv, it will careless if it comes from whatever source.

I've test encoded from H264 sources and xvid sources without any problem whatsoever. The only mpeg1 i've used was the Space sample, and there was no problem also.

That is strange you having so much problems with the encode, unless something in your system is conflicting with the process.
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