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Yesterday I spent almost my afternoon making experiments with avi4hv and the fact is that this soft is quite amazing !
However, some mysteries remain, since it does not always work.

Until now I had to convert almost all video files (free trailers downloaded on internet trailers sites) to MPEG 1. When converted to MPEG avi4hv is happy and works fine ! But the drewback is that MPEG format videos are quite altered and some nasty squares appear here and there quite often due to MPEG 1 compression algorithm not being that efficient I guess.

I tried many different settings with the freeware video converter program called "SUPER" as some trailers I downloaded were mov, divx, xvid, etc. and I had only one who worked perfectly, an avi file whose format was MPEG4-Visual and codec was XVID. Many trailers being in QT mov, I tweaked SUPER in every possible ways to convert mov (H264) to Divx/Divx5, Xvid, Mpeg4... and none of them worked except when converted to Mpeg1 (poor image quality).

So I will continue some experiments, but with the another freeware video converter tool "MEDIACODER". We will see...

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Cool now I want a Movie trailer uploaded to YouTube
I could upload one on youtube, but for now the quality is less than average in comparison with Weird Science. My nicest trailer still have too much Mpeg-1 artifacts. But be sure that once I will be able to solve this problem I will upload some nice trailers, I have some in mind !

Does your film play correctly in VirtualDub? Does it work with the Space.MPEG?
Yes, try with MPEG, it should work. I followed exactly Boo Boo's steps and it worked, actually I think the real problem should be the video format used (despite the fact that some xvid avi can work though, but hmm in a very low ratio ~1/15).
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