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Partial Success. Amiga Explorer Setup tells me: Congratulations! Amiga Explorer has been successfully copied to the "Ram Disc" volume of your Amiga. ... Double-click " AExplorer" to start ... the software.

Only when I do that I get this Error message:
Error writing to COM port. Please make sure that Amiga Explorer 2.1 or higher is running on the Amiga, That both sides are configured properly, that the Amiga is connected to port COM1 on this machine (otherwise, modify the the Amiga Explorer COM port setting),...

I have no idea how to do this. I have not touched my Amiga in 10 years and barely remember how to use the programs I was once familiar with. I'll try to see how far I get on the Amiga side, it would be great if anybody had any idiotproof tips on how I can proceed. Thanks.

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