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Originally Posted by bluecarrot92 View Post
I've got my old 1200 connected to my PC (XP) with a Belkin Serial cable that was recommended by the AmigaForever guys. I followed their instructions to the point where I open a shell on the amiga to type: TYPE SER : to RAM:Setup. I get this: TYPE can't open SER Object not found.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Step by step would be best as I have no idea what I'm doing. I just want to access and transfer some of my amiga files to my PC. Thanks.
okay the only obvious thing I can see right now, if what you typed, is EXACTLY copied in to this message.

TYPE SER : to RAM:Setup

should be

TYPE SER: to RAM:Setup

That is why TYPE is complaining about it cannot find the device SER, it should be SER: (Note the space inbetween SER and : ) ?

There is no such device as SER, except SER: does exist.

type in the command 'MOUNT' (Without the ') and it should list all mounted devices and see if 'SER:' exists.
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