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v13 of GBCPC has just been released !

v13 is out . It includes Gamebase beta enhancements and won't be proposed as an update !
In short, it is a fully reworked version.

Read on :

Originally Posted by Idaneels
  • A fix for the CPCE Autotype problem
  • All games are linked to emulators (there are very few exceptions that can't be auto-launched)
  • Full use of the new Gamebase features
  • A developper field, so no more U.S. Gold / Atari for exemple. That would become U.S. Gold for publisher & Atari for developper
  • A graphic artist field !
  • A rarity field
  • A link to the software page at CPC Power
  • A download link to the clean roms
  • A review field. I will add & aggregate review scores from CPC magazines there
  • Ability to display multiple columns !
  • An "extras" sidebar for quick access to the extras
As always, plz do not hammer the dl server and don't forget to manage some room (about 7GB).
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