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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Sure -Sometimes theres still problems for me but doing it in this order seems to work

For example using the Above attached MPEG With VirtualDub


File/Open Video File/Space.Mpeg

Video/Filters/ADD/Resize -Aspect Ratio = Disabled & Resize/320*anything under 216
Video/Frame Rate/Convert to fps = ?
Colour Depth 16 Bit RGB 555
File/Save As .AVI = Space

Audio/Full Processing Mode*
22050HZ or Custom = ?
Precison = 8Bit
Channels = Mono or Stereo
File/Save Wav = Space.WAV

Command Prompt
AVI4HV.exe Space.AVI
Output file= Space
Hopefuly a small window will run through the video while converting.

Hamp.Run Space

Now you can convert all your Porn to Amiga hope that helps
Tried this with my own AVI and it still comes up with a 1k .hv file
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