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Originally Posted by Jack Burton View Post
Damn it, it still does not work !
I tried with the Space.AVI file, following exactly each steps described by Boo Boo, and once I'm in the Windows (XP) shell, avi4hv seems to run okay until it displays the error "audio file must be 8-bit uncompressed WAV". I tried with 8-bit 11Khz, 8-bit 16Khz and 8-bit 22Khz mono and stereo wav files but nothing works.

@Boo Boo : Do you know any program that can convert video files (mpeg, avi...) to CDXL like avi4hv does ? Would be nice to try too.
Are you sure you ticked the 8bit box? and entered Space.WAV not Space.AVI in Command Prompt?
:I dont know of any software that can convert to CDXL quite like this.
Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post

Audio/Full Processing Mode*
22050HZ or Custom = ?
Precison = 8Bit
Channels = Mono or Stereo
File/Save Wav = Space.WAV

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