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Originally Posted by turrican3
remain enthusiastic about the amiga.
Always have been, always wil be
Originally Posted by turrican3
are you really happy with the other os ?
For me not ....
From Win 98 to win 7, disaster
Originally Posted by turrican3
For me, the Amiga is popular in your heart and even more for people in the dark, believe me, because the Amiga had not yet found a valid replacement.
Please continue to support it and buy for those who can the amiga one x 1000. the pc win a fight but not yet the war .... plaease continue the war and be proud to be an amiga user.
Very true, a replacement wil never be in order. I guess the war wont be over until a whole new concept of computer hardware is arived.
its waiting for Amiga Inc to die and new and way better guy / company takes over who wil Amiga to the future proud.
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