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Originally Posted by ipod_sock View Post
Am I the only one who likes it? and EDGE? but your right about ACE, that mag was cool beans back in the day!

I remember they ran a kinda competition where you could write in and the best begging letter meant you got to hang out at a developers for a whole day, take part in meetings, watch them making a game and get some free shit... the one I won a place on was hmmmmm, a little known company called Gremlin Graphics??? I was chuffed to bits but it being on a school day and what with the strict folks... no go, was GUTTED!

Just think, might have been a day with Lotus 2!
OH NO!!!... you must be kidding me!??? I remember those competitions in ACE and i of course remember seeing the lucky winners in ENVY as they got their pictures published at a developers HQ

And YOU won but couldn't go!!!! ...arrghhhh, that would have absolutely sucked!!!! ACE has been by and far my FAVOURITE computer magazine ever! but at least you could enter mate! I was all the way over here in Australia and couldn't enter at all!!
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