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This is driving me mad!!!!!

Okay here starts it......

Right, I have posted ablout this before and even pestered Toni about this and a good few months on (and new releases of the emulator) I still cannot get WinUAE to recognise my CD-Drive

Okay lets start with my hardware and what I have done...

My specs

P4 1.7Ghz
512 Mb RAM
Geforce 2 MX 440
Windows XP
80 Gig HardDrive

The emulator settings

WinUAE ver 0.8.21 r4
Basic workbench 3.0 installed from original floppies
Kick 3.0 (obtained from my own A1200)
2Mb Chip - 8Mb Fast
68040 processor set to fastest possible, maintaining chipset timing
Display 800x600 32bit 75Hz
UAE scsi.device checked
use ASPI SCSI layer checked

Worbench settings

Basic workbench - nothing added
AmiCDFS installed as per the guide supplied.

Now I believe that is as much info as required, and I hope that the settings are mostly correct (although probably not) so if anyone can tell me where I've been going wrong - Excellent!

See no matter what I have personally tried the CD drive is in no way detected. Through workbench it says that volume CD0: is already mounted..... Has anyone ever got AmiCDFS working through WinUAE?

I do know that people have had IDEFix working, but unfortunately I have lost my reg. details whilst moving from my parents to my new house

All help gratefully appreciated......
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