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AmiNetRadio works OK with an '060, while cool it's still a little sluggish and eats a lot of CPU. (Using the pipe-streaming feature with a DSP it's much better, but still.) Unfortunately I have the same problem with AmigaAMP 68k, it eats roughly 70% CPU streaming mp3... even using the mhi driver with my Melody 1200 or Delfina.

...although I could get Amplifier to startup automatically I couldn't get it to play any streams!
There are a few missing files you need to make this happen. Download AMPlifier v2.33 from the website. Move the files in the rexx drawer to wherever rexx: is assigned on your computer (probably "s:").

Modify the settings in IBrowse accordingly. For example, for shoutcast streaming you'd change the arguments setting for pls extensions to

Rexx:AmplifierMP3Stream-pls.rexx %f

That should get it working!
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