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Sure -Sometimes theres still problems for me but doing it in this order seems to work

For example using the Above attached MPEG With VirtualDub


File/Open Video File/Space.Mpeg

Video/Filters/ADD/Resize -Aspect Ratio = Disabled & Resize/320*anything under 216
Video/Frame Rate/Convert to fps = ?
Colour Depth 16 Bit RGB 555
File/Save As .AVI = Space

Audio/Full Processing Mode*
22050HZ or Custom = ?
Precison = 8Bit
Channels = Mono or Stereo
File/Save Wav = Space.WAV

Command Prompt
AVI4HV.exe Space.AVI
Output file= Space
Hopefuly a small window will run through the video while converting.

Hamp.Run Space

Now you can convert all your Porn to Amiga hope that helps

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