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The majority of, for example, Microsoft's business comes not from home users, but from business... Site licencing etc, for both apps and O/S sales. As pointed out, many home users don't buy software, they pirate it. Often from work. Who can blame them with todays inflated prices? The fact still remains that the majority of software sold or licenced is application software, mainly in the business sector. Home users tend to buy games, but then I would argue that the PCs popularity in the home stems originally from it's use as a business machine. Historically, people wanted to work on the same software they use at work, because they are familiar with it. Employers want people who are familiar with the "Industry standard" software, such as Windoze, Office etc... hence the shift from 'Computer Studies', to 'Information Technology' in acedemic circles in Britain and a lot of Europe. It's growth as a games machine has been, until fairly recently, a secondary factor. The last of the 'true' home computers, such as the Amiga and Atari machines died out because the PC was the industry standard. Bad marketing etc, etc. A great shame, but still true.
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