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Examples of converted videos can be found here
Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
yes. Save the audio as a separate uncompressed 8-bit WAV file.

(mono and stereo are both supported, sample rate must be less than 29KHz.)
Can I use VirtualDub to degrade the WAV or do I need to use another tool if so could you recommend one.

Ive attached the small sample MPG im working with the video convertion seems to go ok im guessing the problem lies with the Wav.

EDIT: Finaly ive had a bit of luck -VirtualDub/Audio/Audio Conversion
8 Bit
Mono or Stereo
Sample Rate/Custom I set to 2000 that gave me bit rate of 16khz the file then converted ok to .HV and Played
Need to have a better look
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