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Hi Ipod_sock.

It looks like you are trying to setup your CF card as a Hard drive in the PCMCIA socket, this is not possible. You need to connect the CF card via an IDE-CF adapter inside the Amiga, do you have one of these? Edit sorry I see in your original post you do have an IDE-CF Adapter, I'm assuming this is connected in your photo's where no device is showing up?

Also I see you are using an A600 and you state the rom is 37,350 as far as I am aware you'll not be able to use workbench 3.1 unless you have a 3.1 rom in your Amiga.

If you want to use Classic Workbench with the rom version you have you will need to use the GAAE version which is designed and setup for the Amiga 500/600.

I've put a 3.1 rom in my A600 and I am using the 68k version of Classic workbench which is designed for A500/600 with 3.1 rom, this option is available to you if you upgrade the roms in your A600.

I understand you want to run WHDLoad, do you have an SRAM memory card that you will use? I ask this because the standard 1mb (or 2mb if you have a chip ram expansion in the A600's trapdoor) is not enough as most games require 2mb+

I am happy to help you setup your card over MSN or over the phone but you'll need that CF-IDE adapter inside your Amiga and some extra memory to use WHDLoad. In fact I would be happy to setup your card for you if you post it to me.

Please let me know if there is anything on my post you don't understand, Iv'e tried to be as clear as possible.


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