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Talking for myself ...

I am doing some reseach and testing for a automatic monitorswitch.
Jens got a sample and i promised him my free support if he could do something "commercial" as an addon for the Indivision-series.
At the moment I do some research in direction of the WT8048-IC ...

As you know, before HighGFX the Super72-mode was the highest screensolution with 1:1 pixelratio.
These modes can be used with the ECS-chipset, but hey are limited to 4 colors out of 64.
If you like to use 16colors (MagicWB or WB3.9) you are limited to 640x512.
Compared to the breaktrough of HighGFX on AGA, I am gone release SuperPlus in the future.
Presenting a ECS-screenmode with 800x600 in 16 colors out of 4096.
A IndivisionECS will help you to keep your eyes intact, but it can be displayed on some tolerant displays without Indivison (tested on a Iliyama 5017).
SuperPlus is also interesting for the AGA-chipset, because it used the "HiRes"-mode with 70ns instead "SuperHiRes" with 35ns pixelclock.
The display-DMA is not that heavyloaded like in Super72 and displayoperations are faster.
The Indivision-series (ECS&AGA) will need a firmware-update for this mode, it depends on Oliver and Jens to support that mode.
(Just like Xtreme-support...)

DualScreen-Mode is a littlebit difficult and I do my best to release a stable and usefull driver for it.
I´d like to combine it with the SuperPlus driver to enable a 1600x600 dualscreen in 16 colors with "usefull" speed.
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