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Who said anything about using the switches at the same time. I have multiple OS installs. In fact in one I just use /PAE -> then again by default with the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled actually makes full use of the Physical Address Extension anyway .

The other OS install I use /3GB /userva=2750 <-Allocation made slighly less than 3GB due to the amount of VRAM on Graphics Card. I have MS SQL 2005 and other stuff installed.

Most apps don't even allocate the full 3GB as far as I am aware. MS SQL is one of the apps that actually makes full use of the /3GB switch (hence why I use it).

Yes, the post was a little unclear. It was a rather quick post. Maybe I should have been a bit more descriptive, lol.

The whole /3GB and /PAE switches argument. Well, with non 32-bit Windows Operating Systems (64-bit) there is no reason to even get into a debate, lol.

Even with Windows Enterprise Server 2003 32-bit. It will have PAE enabled when DEP is active. Allowing up to 64 GB RAM. At my work max I think we have used for Windows Server 2003 32-bit I think is 32 GB RAM. Servers with higher end use and 64GB+ are running on 64-bit RHEL and Solaris. With those just got to worry about having the right semaphore allocation sizes (well other stuff too -> Way Off Topic).

This is getting rather off topic now.

In regards to WinUAE with TBL - Rain.

I do remember quite a few years ago running it at a pretty good speed with JIT enabled on a Windows PC with an Intel Celeron clocked @ 500 MHz + 128 MB RAM.

It played from start to finish with no glitches. I don't recall what version of WinUAE it was though.

I think it was around the WinUAE 0825 mark (possibly a bit earlier).

Well, all I can say once again. Until 68060 Cycle Exact is done at a particular clock speed. Hmm, let's say 50 Mhz or there abouts. Until this happens the timing is always going to be different.

This isn't exactly on the list of priorities for Toni or even remotely near that.

If it's a problem get a real Amiga. In this case to run this demo a Apollo 1260, Blizzard 1260 or a Blizzard PPC 1200 603e/603e+ with a 68060 clocked @ 50 MHz or higher.

I have heard even an Amiga 4000 with a CyberStorm PPC with 68060 doesn't work. Maybe others here could confirm that. Keropi? anyone?

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