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Thanks for help so far guys but I think you're being far too kind in giving me the benefit of knowing what I'm doing and being familiar with the system, my experience extends to owning a Miggy 500 from 90-93, having a shed load of games, demos and creating the odd (albeit shit) MOD and Deluxe Paint 2 image!

It's very weird that my CF reader in the side aknowledges my 128mb card but not 4gb, so you're saying IF I insert it inside via (already have) IDE, it'll show? I thought the side reader and internal were pretty much (whilst seperate) the same type of connection?

Btw, went to great lengths to obtain correct workable card type, in Sandisk II Extreme...

Also, how the HELL do you install FAT95 and the other (escapes me at the mo') file????? - remember, TOTAL idiot here and WHY isn't ClassicWB an .adf? but a bunch of weird files?

I really wish someone was based near Liverpool who could help me out!!! or could send my CF card to someone trustworthy here if you fancy the challenge and making a quick £5!

I've nearly been reduced to buying a 'ready made' kit from the Bay :'( for £40!

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