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Originally Posted by ipod_sock View Post
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, got my A600, got my 37.350ks, got my PCMCIA reader, got a 128sandisk (will read after using Amigakit software) and a 4gbsandisk, no joy, won't recognise... got the 'fat95' and cfd so I don't have to keep using the Amiga kit disk but where do you intall em'? am I using the right files? how do you place em' in 'L'???

Using 3.1wb and 2mb, what on EARTH is going wrong?!?!? I've even managed to make a few game disks from .ADF images from the 128mb card but wanna get started with the 4gb, use ClassicWB and WHDload but tearing my hair out here!!!look at the time!

A few shots...

PLEASE, if anyone can do an absolute THICKO NOOb guide with screenshots, I'd be your best FWEND!
Hi there ipod_sock,

I assume you intend the 4GB card to be used as an internal hard drive on the 1200 or 600?
Remember to check that the 4GB card still works on your laptop before fitting it in the Amiga, it may have gotten damaged or maybe the CF adapter is faulty these things happen and as alway make sure the Amiga is switched off before opening it up (just in case)

You need to open the 1200/600 case and fit a 44 pin CF to IDE adapter on the internal connector and plug in the 4GB card before HDTools can find it (as in previous photo you had on a different thread). Once it has been found then you can make your partitions (less that 2GB is recommended in size) and then format them so they are seen, one of the partitions ie "Workbench" must be made bootable.

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