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AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, got my A600, got my 37.350ks, got my PCMCIA reader, got a 128sandisk (will read after using Amigakit software) and a 4gbsandisk, no joy, won't recognise... got the 'fat95' and cfd so I don't have to keep using the Amiga kit disk but where do you intall em'? am I using the right files? how do you place em' in 'L'???

Using 3.1wb and 2mb, what on EARTH is going wrong?!?!? I've even managed to make a few game disks from .ADF images from the 128mb card but wanna get started with the 4gb, use ClassicWB and WHDload but tearing my hair out here!!!look at the time!

A few shots...

PLEASE, if anyone can do an absolute THICKO NOOb guide with screenshots, I'd be your best FWEND!
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