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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Ah, nice to see the fire is still burning after 22 years You forgot to mention that the C64 version is far superior Retro
It is better for sure, and i mentioned it probably 2-3 times on EAB. But that wasn't my point. More crap words like these.

And it may have copied Marioís ideas, but it never managed to replicate the feel of his world. The charmless sisters have no weight, no delightful inertia, and while the levels may be built from the same basic blocks, they havenít been pieced together with the same devious simplicity that rewards the fiftieth playthough as much as the first. Perhaps thatís the value of copycats: standard rip-off jobs like Star Beacon and Giana Sisters only really leave you with an increased appreciation of the original.
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