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Only a question of time until I posted one of my typical questions... here we go...

OK - it is no secret that there are loads of back up Sega Saturn games on-line... most of them seem to be in similar formats when downloaded.

A. [iso+wav] [TOC Confirmed].rar
B. [iso+ape] [TOC Confirmed].rar
c. [iso+MP3] [TOC Confirmed].rar
D. Bin/Cue

I have got a couple and I have burnt them to CD using ImageBurn and also Magic ISO and they seem to burn OK - I cant test them till next week when my Saturn is returned with it's chip fitted.

I Just wondered if this was the best way of burning the games back to disk?
Am I overlooking something else that needs to be done here?

What does everyone else do... and do you get good results?

What does TOC Confirmed mean?

Thanks guys - you know I bow to your greater knowledge!
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