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I just got a load of amiga floppies

I just got given a bunch of amiga floppies, about 30 or so i think, just wanted to know if any of these programs are worth checking out, i checked about half of them, but after the 20 second wait between rebooting the Amiga and reading the floppy i gave up.

Oh and im sorry but i cant upload any of the discs, as i dont have the software/hardware, in case anyone wanted them.

-Amiga Power Issue 32, contains (nothing), disc read error, not sure if this disc is just blank or due to the disc being corrupted.

-CU Amiga Disc 79, contains Deluxe Paint. Although disc cover says kings quest VI and Dots.

-CU Amiga Disk 64, Contains Advantage and Vmorph.

-CU Amiga Disk 90, Contains Dir Work 2, Amiga Music, File Converter.

-CU Amiga Disk 78, Contains Adorage, Master Virus Killer and Task Force.

-AF 52A, Contains Blitz Basic 2, Defender and Zombie Apocalypse, also AGA fixes for 4 different games.

-Amiga Power Issue 40, Contains Impossible Mission Demo, Tanks n Stuff Demo, Infiltrator.

-Disc with Adorage written on it, presumably contains Adorage.

-Amiga Power Issue 25, Contains Beavers Demo, Entity.

-CU Amiga Disk 70, Contains Aegis Animator, Spectracolour.

-Amiga Computing, Contains Fighting Warriors, Amigadex, ShowSTD, Grammar and Toasters, plus the tune of the month.

-CU Amiga Disk 84, Contains Tactical Manager Demo, Statix Demo. Plus more samples for Octamed 4.

-CU Amiga Disk 83, Contains VideoTracker.

-The Amiga Collection, Contains AMOS Full Version.

-CU Amiga Disk 80, Contains OCTAMED 4 The Essential Upgrade, plus over 300k of music samples.

-Amiga Format Disk 63A, Contains Stop Press.

-Amiga User Super Disk No.46, Contains 21 utilities, too many to name.

-AF Disk 60B, Contains Demo Maniac, disc appears to have issues.

-CU Amiga Disk 92, Contains DPAINT 5, Realtime Effects Generator, StereoGram 3D Picture Maker and Choon of the month.

-CU Amiga Disk 74, Contains SCALA.

Damn i just got outbidded on a mouse, hope none of you are involved.

-Amiga Action, Contains Subarban Commando, Smurf Hunt.

-CU Amiga Disk 82, Contains Bump N Burn, Banshee AGA only.

-Amiga Action 2, Contains Benefactor, Center Court Tennis.

-AF 54A, Contains Super JAM, XAP and Caffeine Free.

-Amiga Computing, Contains JCGraph, Icon Editor, Super Duper 3, Doc Dump and Fast JPEG.

-Amiga Action 1, Contains F117A This program doesnt seem to work, Deep Core, Defender (again).

I seem to count 26 in total, so anyone spot any good programs in their? My friend seemed obsessed with magazines rather than actually playing proper games.
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