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Originally Posted by Djay View Post

... back to GGS, who are Edge? a magazine! It is only alive because it reports on other people's work... hmmm cousin of cloning i think! And who are they to say that GGS shouldnt be a part of gaming history... for various reasons

further more, so many things are DIRECT copies now... take Wii's virtual console or Xbox Arcade... in a land far far away this should also be frowned upon by Edge... indeed Edge have always been up their own arse

EDIT > thats how you rant
Before EDGE magazine became EDGE, i think its earlier incarnation was called ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) which was a FAR SUPERIOR publication without the BIAS of particular games, genre's and systems that are present within the cock heads at EDGE.

You are dead right, the guys at EDGE are definitely up their own arses and i for one cannot tolerate the magazine for that reason.

So EDGE, if you are reading this! read some old issues of the British publication ACE and learn how to "truly" report on the world of gaming!
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