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the reason i never played GGS is because i aleady owned the superior Super Mario World (also later Super Mario Allstars)

i didnt really ever look to the Amiga to play weaker clones of console games, indeed i was kinda lucky, at the same time owned a Megadrive (Genesis) so never moaned about where a Amiga version of Sonic was, even in 2004.

For me there are things that just can't copied, like owning a real Amiga over using WinUAE all of the time... having said that WinUAE is a legend in its own right and will of course out live the thing it emulates...

... back to GGS, who are Edge? a magazine! It is only alive because it reports on other people's work... hmmm cousin of cloning i think! And who are they to say that GGS shouldnt be a part of gaming history... for various reasons

further more, so many things are DIRECT copies now... take Wii's virtual console or Xbox Arcade... in a land far far away this should also be frowned upon by Edge... indeed Edge have always been up their own arse

EDIT > thats how you rant

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