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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
I don't mind the Atari - it's the Apple products (mainly the I-products) that i REALLY hate with a passion (It's their marketing that winds me up like it's a 'living' product and will synergize your life and make it more productive)
Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
Absolutely! And smug patronising Apple users who've been mugged into buying an over-priced and under-specced piece of junk because they believe having a Mac makes them more 'creative' and more of an 'individual' and who look condescendingly upon mere Windows users. Grrrr...

(have I gone slightly off-topic?)

I agree with both of you... I don't particularly like Apple or their marketing. Although I am secretly impressed that my parents new iMac is Dual booting Win 7 with OSX and it looks nice That said I still wouldn't buy one myself - too pricey. I'm quite happy with winblows thanx

I sit on the fence regarding MS windows as well, I accept that an M$ OS is a necessary evil in my PC life as linux is not for me (talk about condescending people who think they're better than everyone else...the Mac OS lot got nothing on Linux geeks I have met lol), and OSX whilst lovely is hampered by the fact that you MUST buy into "Appledom" in order to be able to use it. Yes I know, there are ways.... but in truth I cant be bothered faffing around getting all the bits to work only for it to break every time there is a software update, so I'm not going to even try.

The best thing about this Mac is however the fact that because it dual boots, I can run WinUae (and the screen is gorgeous!)
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