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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Seriously, that ST still looks ugly to me. I know that it'll hurt you, but the A1000 and A300 just looked like every other desktop case. Anyway, you showed the pictures, so everybody can judge on their own
That's fair enough, and I will be the first person to admit the ST was nothing of a serious home computer and should have stuck to spreadsheets/sequencers/cross assembler type tools etc. Even for 3D solid polygon games the sound was always a trade-off not worth the 10% faster graphics of 3D games either so I still used my Amiga for those when I owned an ST and A1000 together.

To me the A1000 personally was elegant, and quiet and had nice touches like the keyboard going under the desk. The A3000 I also thought was quite striking and very Commodore with the horizontal slats they're famous for. It's more about effort that goes into the case designs, for Commodore it was a new thing since the PET died off and they did a nice job compared to the huge massive noisy IBM XT/AT machines of the mid 80s even though some people say the A1000 looks 'boring'.
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