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Info about Psycheual:

Yesterday ( at dark night ) at least I grabbed last missing source ( subgame invaders ) from demo and make very first full version of game. There are still glitches/bugs/mistakes/errors/missing things:
- top panel is probably a bit different then in full game, because there is no info about collecting globes on top panel
- I found some gfx tile with strange white line, ( maybe psx version contains more gfx tiles then amiga version ??? )
- there is no fire when player shoots ( in demo version is ).
- some samples for new guns are missing ( not checked )
- gfx glitches for a while when player leave sub game or terminal

BTW: Maybe is good idea to make some new thread in sub forum: amiga.Project Game Factory ?

BTW2: I will post more screenshots today evening. And if someone is interesting I can upload ( today evening ) to the zone this very first version of game.

Any comments are welcome.

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