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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
C64 and later on the Amiga here Too bad I didn't got deeper into coding back then Text adventures and parsers... ah good times
Yeah i know mate and those times shall never return but at least we could say we WERE THERE! Actually i would have liked to played around with a bit of coding on my C64 back in the day but my mother was working 3 jobs (single parent) raising 3 kids so the best she could afford for me was a 2nd hand C64 in about 1986 and at the time without her realizing, half the keys hardly worked which resulted in me pulling the damn thing apart every couple of weeks to remount the actual keyboard circuit board, so any serious coding would have been out of question! entering my name into World Class Leaderboard Golf was challenge enough!.. lol

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
matt + blade: the door is still open to the wonderful world of game development you know; its just not as glamorous (or challenging, unless you suck at math like me) as it used to be
Its just not the same anymore! The magic niche days are gone and so has the spirit. The 80's and early 90's was where it was at, but now... eerghhh...
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