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Without trying to sound like a complete jerk here, i didn't even like Wolfenstein from the very first time i played it.It was around october 93 i think that i saw this the first of 3d shooters and despite a play time of around 30 minutes on it, i came away rather unimpressed.Personally i think it's rather crap

Doom on the other hand is something still quite remarkable and i find it rather astonishing how absolutely perfect the game was regards to so many things- a game that will remain forever great.Most interesting i think is how even though Wolfenstein was a first step, Doom managed to deliver something truly incredible in it's first attempt- ask yourself just how hard that really is to achieve considering how many failed albeit fun clones later appeared.I guess it could be down to just being the first real game of it's type but i think it's much more than that
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