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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Always thought Amiga Power was created by kids for kids, but thats just my opinion of course lol I like Amiga Format and Cu Amiga the best, a mixture of both games and apps, though The One Amiga was also good for just games (Couldnt stand Amiga Action though!) always funny to see which mag ended up with 4! cover disks on the front....i think it was The One who won in that respect!?
Mind you i was mag mag at that time buying countless mags each week, wished i would have kepted them they would be worth quite a bit now (console mags as well)...bring back Games-X!
lol, yeah, Amiga Power was not as grown up as AF. AF was for the more serious Amiga user and had an ok games review section.

AP were very honest with their reviews though and I respected them for upholding their fair/unbiased thoughts (not that AF was, but some mags would say a carp game was good when it clearly weren't!)
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