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Have already done backup of hd using Amiback - figured wise move just in case.

The work partition was mostly deleted so I had a cleanish environment for Devpac3 and DPaint etc.

For some strange reason the previous owner(s) had a pile of docs and printer stuff like pagesetter etc on the Workbench partition. want to clean out stuff like that as not running any printer on the Amiga so taking up space for no reason , and want more room so can add extra commands to the c directory.

Will get around to adding the results of the List command as you requested on Monday as working both today and Sunday. If it is in regard to applications etc , I have over 800 floppies here that came with various systems so is slow progress trying to find programs on these - also slower as been quite a few years without Amigas so relearning all over again.

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