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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Judging by the other threads where I was, it isn't just me. True, it's a small minority of people there (and here when they bash (as opposed to valid critiques) the ST), but they are a vocal and insulting minority.

I'll check out atari-forum and see what it's like..

I love atariage, and I've been a member for ages. But I only go there now for the console and arcade machine forums. I post a bit about Coleco Adam and Apple computers (I have a manifold collection of computers :-) sometimes too. I just try to avoid all Commodore related discussions there.



p.s. As a side note to the side note :-), this thread wasn't actually supposed to be about bashing. It was supposed to be about case designs of the Amiga's. The intro was a supposed joke, but people can't help but bash it seems...

p.p.s. D'oh.. Back on topic? er.. I don't have one, but I always preferred the A1000 case....
A nice machine from pictures. I always wanted one for my collection.
Speaking of which here's one for the bashers on both sides 68030 power!!

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