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Damn you all...

By chance I happened to find this forum and was so fascinated by all you people still active about the Amiga...

Needless to say, in 10 minutes I got sick with the "Amigitis" again (I actually think it never went away), searched on ebay for a good piece and got myself an Amiga 4000/40: now my wife has another "what do you need this OLD thing for?" looking for a permanent place in our apartment!

I liked to program in assembly when I had my first A500 and I did the music for a couple of ugly demos that we never spread around too much (hopefully I'll find them somewhere sooner or later and post it).
I also started a game with a couple of friends that never got past the first technical previews... fortunately I should say, as looking back the idea was soooo boring, we thought about a puzzle game where the player had to direct cars to fill up a parking lot in the best possible way
..but I was very proud of the piece of music we wanted to use for the highscores! hope I can find that as well one day.

I think that's enough for an intro, hopefully I'll be working on an old school demo soon and post it around!
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