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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Which forums are those? The ones I go to, there are just as many trolls bashing the Amiga...

I do believe that a lot of the 16-bit computer owners seem to have both, but the trolls exist everywhere I've been... It's a shame, I like all computers.
Oh, the insults and flames started flying...


All the replies were Commodore bashing, and no valid help. So I shelved the Atari 8-bit search. I'll probably get into that again at some time (maybe the ST too), but I need to find a friendlier forum..


*Shrugs* maybe you were just unfortunate... I go to and - all very friendly and nice, and I make it clear that I have an Amiga...... As you say there are idiots everywhere, but blatent fanboyist troll threads like this don't exactly paint us on EAB in the best light do they ?

If I was an Atari fan coming on here and seeing this, I wouldn't feel vey welcome, nor be particularly best disposed towards the Amiga community - in fact it reinforces the negative stereotypes of old.

For example "Atari users are idiots because they don't like the Amiga" And equally "Amiga users are idiots because they don't like Atari"

IMHO both sets of users are complete dickheads if they don't realise how closely linked the Amiga and Atari ST systems are. The founder of Commodore Jack Tramiel, bought Atari for goodness sakes, did he not?. Everyones favourite in the Amiga world the beloved Jay Miner.... well, he worked for Atari in the 1970's... and thats only the tip of the iceberg.
Several other key Amiga people have said that the Atari ST is a "nice little machine" it is certainly much more than a "poor man's Amiga".

I am against any type of fanboyism be it PC/Mac Ati/Nvidia or Windows/OS X/Linux.. arguing over it makes you look silly. Arguing over computer platforms of 15 years ago is beyond silly, its moronic.

Does it matter ? In the end no. People like the ST and people like the Amiga. However setting up threads like these baiting/bashing one or other is childish.

It would have been much easier to set up a thread discussing the aesthetics and or other aspects of the Atari ST Vs the Amiga without immediately bashing one or other. Sadly some people believe that the best way to praise one machine, is to bash its rival.

What continually irritates me is the pervading attitude that to be pro Amiga you must automatically hate the ST... at least that is what seems to be being suggested.

I know many people that have both Atari and Amiga systems. I do myself lol. I also am reasonably intelligent enough to acknowledge the place that each machine has in "history" if you like. The sad fact of the matter is, as Frank said above all these machines and their Companies are now "defunct". I had an Acorn A3010 back in the day. The A3010 case was sleek and to me slightly more attractive than the A500/600/1200/ST case but then that is my opinion - notice I didn't need to start a troll about it.

I am a PC user - I have a beefy PC at home, I prefer PC's etc, but I am writing this on a brand new Imac which I am setting up for my parents. It is GORGEOUS has comparable performance and looks-wise blows my PC box out of the water any day of the week.

To be honest I don't like the Amiga in terms of looks - the Big box miggies look like "old PCs" and the wedges aren't exactly pretty either imho. That said I'm not exactly going to claim that the ST/TT/Falcon are works of modern art either - they were (all) of their time and whether you prefer how one or the other looks is entirely up to you.

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