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Reinstalling on A600HD

OK guys , starting to get back into Amiga again after all these years and having a great time so far. Should have seen my eyes light up first time I saw XCopy running again!
I have managed to collect so far 3 A500s and this A600 which I have messed around a little with Devpac for coding again. However I really would like to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Workbench again. The unit came with the 3 Workbench floppies - Workbench , Extras and Fonts , but from what I google there should be a HD install floppy as well?
The previous owner had so much junk on the drive like docs etc on the Workbench partition that a fresh install would eb nice to do.

It currently has a 170MB SCSI Seagate drive on there split into 20MB or so for Workbench and 150MB for "Work". I don't mind considering the CF card option if it will provide more space etc and there is a relatively easy way to format and set up again.

This may not end up as my main machine as I have my eye on a A4000 too so either go that way or an A1200.

Any hints , tips , suggestions would be appreciated.

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