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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
You need glasses, the A500 was the worst looking C= machine ever let alone just Amiga. It looked like a C128 made of ice cream left in the sun...and sprayed a shitty beige brown colour LOL Next you will be saying Amy Winehouse is beautiful and Charlize Theron is a dog Let's face it design was the original ST (not STE/STFM) casing pissed on the A500 casing design from a great orbit The only problem the original ST had was the circuit board inside it!

The most stunning Amigas were A1000 and A3000, A600 and A1200 were OK too, A4000 and A2000 bland beyond belief but at least they were well built and had great keyboards.
I can't possibly reply to that post, I'm laughing too much.
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