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Originally Posted by RGB_Gamer View Post
I would also like to know if there was a way to burn a bunch of .adf floppy images to CD and somehow transfer them to floppy with the CD32 and this floppy drive attachment?
Yes that is possible. What you ideally want is a bare Workbench 3.1 install burnt onto a CDR, and make sure you include either ADFBlitzer or tsgui (get either program for aminet).

Problem is you will need the CD32.TM or CDTV.TM trademark files from the Commodore Amiga developer CD 1.2, and a copy of MakeCD to make a CD32 bootable disc. If you have neither of these, then making a bootable CDR is impossible: in that instance your better off buying yourself a second machine and write your adf disk images back out to disk on a spare machine using those aforementioned programs I mentioned in paragraph 2
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