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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
Hyperion and A-Eon have said numerous times that the X1000 will be high end and the Sams will be low end..say expect the X1000 to be priced fairly higher than the current available Sam boards...please remember that Hyperion are also partners with ACube and I doubt they will sell ACube short

I know that's the 'official' line but I don't buy it

This new company is Hyperion effectively taking control of both the hardware and software for the Amiga OS4 market going forward.

My predictions:

1) If successful the X1000 will be followed up with a cheaper (Xena featured) computer.
2) Hyperion plan to develop OS4.x to make use of the X1000 family of computers exclusively.
3) ACube will exit the market.

Don't forget that Hyperion had nothing to lose when they became 'partners' with ACube, it's not like they had companies beating down the door with OS4 capable hardware

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