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Copyright and Trademarks expire, as do patents.

Although the latter two can be renewed, as you say the suits will make sure anything worth more than a couple of cents is kept squarly in someones pocket.

the truth is if you had some serious cash you could take to court under trademark legislation - that have yet to prove a product in such a manner. have a look under the CTM, although the CTM is european based it has precidents set by both national and internaltion Tradmark law.

basically, you can setup a trademark, if you dont actively use it.... you will lose it... thats the law... and one the US has recently been working into their legislative.

copyright has many forms, intelectual being the most bespoke of the day - as you know the length of time intelectual copyright runs for, depends on medium and death of author.

for those interested have a read on copyright here.

The problem here is not the fact of copyright, but the fact no-one knows who ownes it.

its my opinion that they are just operating under renewable licenses.... although some somewhere gets paid, I would be curious to know whom.

The thing here is that say I wanted to have a license to distribute say KickRoms and Workbench...

whom do I approach to get that ?

Personally I believe that, in a small box, packed away in an office, long forgotten, in the depths and realms of either Gateway or Tulip there is the proof that owns less than nothing.
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