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For those that are interested, A-EON recently released this Frequently Asked Questions and information.

It's got me thinking, this company has been setup to make hardware specifically for OS4 (if successful the X1000 will obviously just be the start in a new line).

Now if things go bad and they fail for to sell in 'reasonable' numbers for whatever reason, what will this mean to Hyperion and OS4? I think they are taking a real gamble here (which I guess they had to), if it all comes crashing down then I assume that OS4 development will effectively die with supporters moving over to the alternatives.

I guess they weren't getting very far with ACube and wanted to take a more active role (software and hardware designed to work together along with control of pricing/marketing).

If the X1000 is a success then I don't see how ACube can stay in the 'market', actually I think they'll probably pull out now whatever happens.

Pass the popcorn, these are interesting times

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