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Originally Posted by Mikey_C View Post
No, that is not a true amiga, sorry, its Amiga like, but its not a True Amiga.
- But, if you want to delude yourself, please don't let me stop you.
A true Amiga replacement would have a wonderful OS (can see where the AROS bit comes in) but also be capable of playing games superior to ANY console money can buy by a massive margin and yet be a more powerful and reliable creative tool than the most expensive Mac/Windows PC money can buy too. And it should still cost less due to not bending over backwards to use industry standard Intel 'technology'

No such machine has existed since 1985 with the Amiga 1000. The A4000 and A1200 were not technically better than the best PC/Mac money can buy launched the same year and the A1200 was graphically less sophisticated than the 1989 Sega Megadrive or Nintendo SNES....A500 and A2000 the same thing in new boxes, and the A3000 pretty much hampered with the ECS audio/visual chipset under the hood.

This all makes sense of course when you realise the A1000 was bought more or less complete....but the others were all 100% Commodore projects
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