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Regarding those last three disks, I'm now very close to knowing exactly which blocks will be unrecoverable on each disk.

There are two damaged tracks on Pinball Fantasies Disk 2, five on Pinball Fantasies Disk 3 and eight on the Ultima V disk. This means that there are one or more unreadable blocks on each track.

The final step will be to repair each damaged track, saving it to another disk to avoid further damaging the original disk. (This step will always damage at least one block beyond recovery if the repaired track is written back to the original disk.)

Once the salvaged blocks are pasted into the disk image, I can attempt to find a match for the missing blocks on disks I own and in the various disk images I have found by searching online.

However, if the missing data corresponds to your highscores or gamesaves, then obviously I will not find it.

In another thread here, StingRay has reported that Pinball Fantasies saves the highscores on track 1 of both disks 2 and 3:
Unfortunately, track 1 is damaged on both your disks 2 and 3, but, until I know the extent of the damage, I can't say whether the loss will be significant.

All other damaged tracks are much nearer the end of the disks.

If it turns out that most or all of the damaged tracks correspond to your highscores/gamesaves, then possibly the only way of recovering this data is by reading the disks in the floppy drive that these were written with. Do you still have it?

I should have some more news about these disks very soon now.
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