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Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
In the left pic you see what happens...

The Boing overlays the Workbench title, background picture looks sort of sharpened and what used to be grey turns out to be blue. The right picture shows my Workbench as it uses to look without Systempatch. Any idea how to fix this?
The left picture with the blue drawers looks much better than the right because these drawer icons are really blue and not grey. You can check that on any truecolor screen. Your Workbench without SystemPatch shows the wrong colors. If your version of SystemPatch is 3.x then it has IconBeFast 1.16 built-in which is responsible for the different color mapping. But if you don't like better colors don't use it.

You can disable the built-in IconBeFast patch with: SystemPatch -ObtainBestPenA
It might be better to use the command IconBeFast separately and call it with an optional value (0 - 254) which can be used to adjust the color mapping. This isn't possible with SystemPatch. For example: IconBeFast 0 or IconBeFast 100 or IconBeFast 200

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